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Are You a Daring Daredevil or a Safety Sentinel? Discover Your Risk Profile!

Hello safety enthusiasts and professional practitioners alike!

Ever wondered how risk averse you truly are? Whether you're the life of the party, dancing on tables, or the one ensuring the table can hold said dancer without collapsing - we all sit somewhere on the risk spectrum.

As a safety professional, you've honed your skills and instincts to be alert and cautious. Your training, certifications, or degrees have equipped you to identify and mitigate risks in various situations. But let's be real - sometimes, even the most stringent safety officer loves a bit of daredevilry outside of work hours. So, where do you truly lie on the risk scale?

Introducing: The Ultimate Risk Profile Questionnaire!

This isn't just any questionnaire. Designed with the true essence of a safety occupational practitioner in mind, it merges the fun quirks of everyday life with the serious (and often amusing) decisions safety professionals face daily.

From BBQ incidents (and no, we're not talking about the sauce spillages) to your superhero preferences, these questions will tickle your funny bone and make you introspect at the same time.

Here's a sneak peek:

"At a BBQ, you notice a friend lighting a fire with way too much lighter fluid. Do you snap a photo for Instagram or have you already distributed a fire safety pamphlet to everyone?"

Can you relate?

So, are you ready to dive in? Whether you're a "Daring Daredevil," "Balanced Buffer," "Cautious Captain," or a true "Safety Sentinel," this questionnaire is here to give you some chuckles and maybe, just maybe, some deep revelations!

After taking the quiz, share your results with us and your friends! Are they as risk averse as you or do they live on the edge? Let's find out together!

To all our "Safety Sentinels" out there, we salute you. And to the "Daring Daredevils," remember, even Spider-Man wears a safety web!

Stay safe and have fun!

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