Professional Services

•    Safety Program Development
•    Technical Writing
•    Jobsite Assessments and Reporting
•    Incident Investigation and Management
•    PPE & Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

•    Asset Tracking and Fall Protection Annual Certification

•    Employee Training Management and Tracking

•    Respiratory Fit Testing

•    Confined Space Supervision and Onsite Entry Management

•    Fall Protection System Development and Onsite Management

 Drone Services

P3 Safety Solutions UAS pilots are FAA Part 107 certified and insured to provide professional drone footage and inspection reports for your company’s needs. Serving the Construction, Insurance and Telecommunications industries, our high-resolution videos can document your site needs.

Equipment Rentals

P3 Safety Solutions rents confined space and fall protection equipment to individuals and contractors. Our equipment meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards for Confined Space and Fall Protection systems and is inspected frequently. Our rental pricing is competitive with daily and monthly rentals available.

  • Tripods

  • Winch

  • Self-Retracting Lifeline w/ Rescue Winch

  • Ventilation Blowers

  • Four Gas Meters

  • Standby Rescue Kit

Confined Space Entry
Fall Protection
  • Full Body Harness

  • Lanyards

  • Connectors 

  • Anchor Straps

  • Ladder Safety Devices

  • Rope Grab Devices 

  • Control Descent Kit

Our Professional Training Space is available for booking hourly and daily. The Phoenix Safety Training Center has two locations:

1783 W University Dr, #137, Tempe, Arizona

4760 W Dewey Dr, #129, Las Vegas, Nevada

Classroom and practical training rooms provide instructors with a professional   video conferencing camera technology and software allow instructors to hold live instructor led classes, with the ability to give demonstrations without a producer or second camera operator, or co-host. Space booking is all inclusive and includes snacks, beverages, coffee and access to all technology at no additional cost.       

Fall Protection Anchor Proof Testing and Certification

P3 Safety Solutions now offers fall protection anchor proof testing and certification. Our qualified fall protection specialist will pull test anchors to verify and certify compliance with manufacturer anchors installation and OSHA requirements. Contact us for more information. OSHA 1910.66 APP C, 1926.502

OSHA's respirator standard requires employers to establish and maintain an effective respiratory protection program and when employees must wear respirators to protect against workplace hazards. Different hazards require different respirators, and employers are responsible for providing the appropriate respirator and complying with the respiratory protection program, including annual fit testing.

P3 Safety Solutions now offers Qualitative (QLFT) and Quantitative (QNFT) respirator fit testing. We have the latest negative-pressure technology for quantitative fit testing. We can test your employees faster and more accurately. In your facility or in the field, P3 Safety Solutions can conduct fit testing in any environment. OSHA’s respirator standard 29 CFR 1910.134