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Online Medical Evaluation Questionnaire for Fit Test

Online Medical Evaluation Questionnaire for Fit Test

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According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), when an employee is required by their employer to use a respirator at work, the employee must move through several steps to ensure proper protection and OSHA compliance.

The first step in the process for potential respirator users is being medically cleared by a health professional. This medical clearance process for respirator use is known in the safety industry as Respirator Clearance. Because this is an industry term, you may find that different providers of Respirator Clearance use the term to mean or include slightly different steps. Some providers may not even use the term Respirator Clearance specifically. No matter what it’s called or how its performed, the result will be the same: employees will be screened and provided with medical clearance to use a respirator while working.

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